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Order Questions

I forgot to use the discount code, can I cancel the order and place a new one with the code?

If in case you forgot to apply the discount code, you can get in contact with us to manually update the code. Just make sure to provide the code for us to check if you are eligible to use the code.

There is another charge showing in my bank account. Was I double-charged?

If in case you see two charges, the other one might be the authorization charge. This is not an actual charge, an authorization charge is an approval from a card issuer, usually through a credit card processor, that the customer has sufficient funds

Why am I not receiving email updates?

You may not be receiving confirmation emails or updates due to no email being placed or an invalid email when you placed your order. Our emails will also occasionally appear in your junk mail folder, so please check that inbox as well.

I incorrectly placed the order, can I still cancel it?

If you need us to cancel your order for any reason, please get in touch as soon as you can. Once an order is in our system, it can’t be edited and we can’t usually stop our warehouse from completing the shipping process once it has started, so it’s i

I did not receive my invoice, how can I request it?

If you would like to request an invoice, you can send us an email and we will be happy to provide it to you.

The shipping address is incorrect, how can I change it?

If the shipping address needs to be updated and the order is not yet fulfilled, we will be happy to update it on our end. Kindly send us an email at [email protected]. However, once the order is fulfilled, we will no longer be able to make the ch

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